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Permanent Christmas Lighting Lets GTA Homeowners Celebrate All The Holidays – And All The Other Days, Too!

The holidays are a truly magical time of year: delicious food, gorgeous decorations, great times with friends and family and an overall festive atmosphere inside the home and out. Unfortunately, the holidays often come with their own sources of stress as well. Preparing for large gatherings takes a lot of work and effort, and winter travel can pose a host of issues as well that require careful (and car-full) consideration. Christmas lights bring their own contrary set of benefits and drawbacks. On the one hand, who doesn’t love a beautiful display of festive lights as you cruise around the neighbourhood? One of the simple pleasures of Christmas time is seeing how the people around your town or city choose to celebrate the season by lighting up the night with gorgeous colours and classy, fun displays. Getting those displays in place, however, can be not only a time-sucking hassle, but also an actual, genuine risk to your health and safety. Climbing up on a ladder to set up Christmas light strings around the eaves of your home at any time of year can be risky, but especially if you have maybe put off the chore until the ground is hard and cold and the snow has started to fly. Luckily, permanent Christmas lights have GTA homeowners singing carols when the time comes, without having to make the climb.


On When Needed, ‘Gone’ When Not


Of course, the option of simply leaving your regular Christmas lights up year round to avoid the annoying headache of setting them up and tearing them down each year is always available, but for obvious reasons, this isn’t ideal. Dangling strings of Christmas lights in the middle of summer can more closely resemble unsightly, dead ivy rather than festive holly, and leaving flimsy bulbs exposed to the elements year-round can also mean a dramatic uptick in maintenance and repair costs. Thankfully, modern LED lighting technology has come to the rescue to solve all of these problems. LED light strips are installed in such a way that they are virtually invisible when they’re not turned on, so if you’ve got permanent LED Christmas lights, the set-up and take-down process is as simple as the push of a button. Not only that, LED lights last many times longer than their traditional counterparts, meaning that it will be years (or even decades!) before you need to climb a ladder to tend to your lights.


Lights To Suit All Occasions


Although you can simply turn off your LED Christmas light strips when the holiday season has come and gone, why would you? With another push of a button on your smartphone or computer, you can instantly transform your Christmas lighting into the perfect mood-setter for a Valentine’s Day or St. Patrick’s Day celebration! In between holidays, you could have the lights off and invisible, or you can simply set them to a neutral colour and enjoy having unique outdoor accent lighting around your home on the ‘ordinary days’.


Permanent Christmas lighting has GTA homeowners celebrating the holidays with less stress and less hassle, and partying all year round to boot!